Sacred Spine Workshop

Sacred Spine Yoga Therapy – Workshop with Petra Kalla
Sunday, 30/9 at 14:00 – 16:00
Studio Yogansa, Pipersgatan 26, Stockholm (T-bana Rådhuset)

Your spine is a physical manifestation of inner stability, empowered uprightness and the fluid ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances. Your every movement revolves around its tensile architecture. Along its curving route your life energy is stored, harnessed, directed and set free. From the pelvic root to the crown of the brain your whole life is represented in the energy of the chakras. The inner and outer states you are living will play up as strength, suppleness and comfort, or tension, stagnation and pain. Learn to listen to the song of your spine! It means to listen to yourself, throughout all your layers of existence – body, energy, thoughts and feelings and your highest truth!

The spinal column is central in our everyday lives, as well as in both yogic and western anatomy. About 80% of us will experience some kind of back pain throughput our lives. Science supports that a regular yoga practice alleviates unspecific low back pain, the most common back problem globally. Since back pain is affected by out general well being and stress levels, it is clear why a yogic holistic approach can be helpful indeed.

”My own spine, winding into scoliotic curves and rotations, has taught me to care for my self, to be kind and patient, to accept things I cannot change and to love the lessons of my weaknesses. I am so grateful, my spine has in a sense guided me towards the life I lead today, offering yoga therapy full time. When we share our authentic experience, we can relax in trust.” – Petra


… in every class you will meet someone who has, have had or will experience back pain. It is of immense value to have a good understanding of how to practice safely.


… to know your spine and how you move, when pain occurs and what relieves it or makes it worse, and most of all; the courage to move in the right way even when you are hurting, are some of the gifts an informed yoga practice can offer.


Lecture and practice will give a solid understanding of the spine’s structure, movement possibilities and yoga’s potential to support a spinal health! A blend of static postural practices and dynamic undulating movements will create a balance between strength/stability and suppleness/mobility. Breath and relaxation will be weaved in and through in relation to the spine.

Price: 350 SEK
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