A Poet’s Heart


written and performed by Petra Kalla

Be bright, beloved, be smart – exercise your sacred heart!

Your capacity to feel matters a great deal.

Are you afraid to get lost even before you depart?

How will you ever see the truth that feeling impart

if you shut down that vigorous pulsating part of you,

from where aliveness is pushed through

in rhythmical flushes, in crimson gushes

of raw unguarded vulnerability,

how will you ever fully take part?

Be brave, beloved, be daring – ignite and restart!

Your forced disconnection is feeble protection.

The only choice is to spring open the floodgate

to be washed away, to allow it ALL to circulate

Once you open up, there is no way to stay shut

Standing at the threshold of the demon’s den

can you sigh out… and invite yourself in?

Be kind, beloved, be gentle – unwind your ravelled heart!

Your emotional landscapes reforms and reshapes,

walk unto pathless land, look beyond to navigate

the only choice is to accept, mature and cultivate

a pure lionhearted self-resiliency

that comes from trusting the Goddess innate

that feminine aspect from where you originate

that feminine aspect from where you relate

To Everything

Let her flow, don’t force her down

the price from that would keep you numb

Let your fearful doubt be overcome

Watch her dance, untamed and wild

Be sensitive, be shaked and shattered

Then you will know what truly mattered

Rage and scream and cry, dear child

Trust! In the afterglow her smile is mild

From the muddy waters blurred

A soft internal movement stirred

A steady beat, so slow and sweet

Bow down before her lotus feet

Bow down before her lotus feet

Bow down before her lotus feet