PETRA KALLA – devoted mother & aspiring spiritual scientist, yogini at heart, in love with the creative art of living & learning!


Petra work as a physiotherapist in a specialized stress and pain rehabilitation clinic in Stockholm. She is an C-IAYT yoga therapist, working with private clients, on different teacher training programs, as well as in the creation of a yoga therapy clinic. With over 15 years of experience with traditional Hatha yoga, more than 1000 hours of yoga training and Advaita Vedanta studies, she has a deep experiential yogic knowledge that she infuses with her approach to western physiology. Her yoga therapy work also focuses on musculoskeletal related pains. She loves to see yogic empirical wisdom confirmed, explained and understood by western science. To know where the insights of both systems connect can profoundly enrich how you practice and how you teach yoga. Her teaching is inspired by the intelligent inner workings of the body-mind, and how it supports you on your yogic path. Petra guides creative, therapeutic Hatha influenced yoga with a humble aspiration to inspire self acceptance, self love and true health. 


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