A yogic hiking adventure into the mountain wilderness – the land of the midnight sun…

Find peace in nature

Welcome to hike along the famous King’s trail in the heart of World heritage Laponia, through a unique and varied landscape, far away from the stress of modern life. Experience valleys dressed in ancient white mountain birch trees, wast tundra-like pristine land and the breath taking view from Skierfe, a sacred cliff with 700 meter vertical drop into the turquoise waters of the Rapa river delta. 

To wander is as ancient as humankind

and it is part of our heritage, the body remembers. To hike with mindful awareness is purifying and healing. It is the most natural way to strengthen the body. We carry a 10-12 kg back pack over a distance of 10-20 km/day in moderate terrain. 

Practice yoga and qigong under the open sky

This will deepen our contact to our own spirit as well as the spirit of the land. The open and wast mounatins inspire a sense of freedom and heartfelt connection to the present moment. The pressure and tempo of everyday life feels far away. Through hatha yoga and qigong we find strength, vitality and space within the body-mind. In the mornings we practice yoga, qigong and breathing exercises to set the intention for the day and prepare the body for the hike. During the day we pause for yoga to regain energy and soften the body, adapted to the weather, place and your needs. In the evenings we practice meditation and relaxation to encourage good sleep and regained energy, so that we can meet the next day of hiking fully restored.

Sarek is one of the national parks in the World heritage Laponia

The indigenous people of Sweden, the Samis, has lived in the area for thousands of years. As nomads they have wandered together with their reindeers over the mountains and their culture is infused with respect for nature. We will walk along the border of this vast wilderness. As visitors we borrow the land from them and we take care to leave no trace behind us.

The simple life – chop wood and carry water

We live in cosy mountains huts with no electricity or running water.  We share rooms that are equipped with comfortable beds, blankets and pillows. In Aktse and Saltoluokta there are the luxury of a sauna overlooking the mountains and lakes. The food is well thought through and nourishing, primairily vegan and ecological. Based on your needs and wishes local delicacies such as sami bread and special coffee – mountain style, directly from the pot, can be served.

Your guides

Petra Kalla, physiotherapist and an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist, born and raised in the north, collaborates with experienced mountain guide Mirja Andersson from Laponia Adventures who will guide us safely through this magnificent national park.




(B = breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 1 Jokkmokk (D)
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Arrival latest 13:00 in Jokkmokk, a small town above the arctic circle. We visit Ajtte mountain and sami museum, for a guided tour. We enjoy a yoga class before we cook our first dinner together. Your guide goes through how to pack your bags and the schedule for the week. Overnight at Jokkmokk hostel.

DAG 2 Jokkmokk – Aktse (B,L,D)

We start the morning with yoga. Transport to Sitoälvsbron (about 2 hours), before hiking to Aktse. The first 10 kilometer we will be walking along a bike path, then we continue on a 6 km long path through the woods where mountain peaks will appear in the distance. We prepare dinner in the Aktse mountain hut. There will be possibilities to take a sauna. 

Distance: 15 km

Altitude: almost zero

DAG 3 Day trip to Skierfe (B,L,D)

Skierfe is sharp cliff, with a 700 meter vertical drop, which overlooks magnificent Rapa river delta. The place has been/is sacred to the sami people, there is an ancient sacrifice spot at the foot of the cliff and along the trail on the way up. We hope to enjoy yoga and meditation on the top. We stay overnight in Aktse.

Distance: 18 km

Altitude: +600 to -600 meters

DAG 4 Aktse – Sitojaure (B,L,D)

We leave the birch forest following the King’s trail where we wander through barren tundra-like environment. We cross the Sitojaure lake by boat to the mountain hut.

Distance: 9 km

Altitude: +400 to -250 meters

DAG 5 Time for reflection and rest in Sitojaure (B,L,D)

Read a book, take a nap, practice yoga and meditation by the lake, eat good food, share your life stories. There will also be possibilities for day trip hikes in the area. We stay overnight in Sitojaure.

DAG 6 Sitojaure – Saltoluokta (B,L,D)

Hiking to Saltoluokta. We hike up to the bare mountains and then follow a broad U-shaped valley to the north. Finally, we reach the forest again and arrive to Saltoluokta mountain station where a three-course dinner and sauna awaits us. Overnight in the mountain station’s dormitory.

Distance: 20 km

Altitude: +100 to -300 meters

DAG 7 Departure day  (B,L,D)

Morning yoga and meditation before breakfast at Saltoluokta, then the boat over to Kebnats from where there are buses to Gällivare, with further train and flight connections.


  • Guided tour of Ajtte Mountain and Sami museum
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in mountain huts and 2 nights in dormitory rooms at a hostel/mountain station
  • All meals starting from dinner on arrival day and finishing with breakfast on departure day (incl. a 3-course dinner and breakfast buffet at Saltoluokta)
  • Daily yoga, qigong and meditation practice
  • Saftey equipment
  • Extra luggage will be taken to Salotluokta
  • Transfer from Jokmokk to Seitevara (Sitoälvbron)
  • Sauna in Saltoluokta overlooking expanses.
  • Boat from Saltoluokta to Kebnats
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Luleå: SEK 1500 round trip
  • Upgrade to private room at Saltoluokta SEK 315-640
Not included
  • Transportation to Jokkmokk and home from Kebnats



WHEN: 19-25 August 2018 (7 days total, with arrival and departure)
WHERE: Jokkmokk (Sitoälvsbron) to Saltoluokta (map)
PRICE: 14’995 SEK (convert to current EUR rates)


General conditions and payment information
Special conditions regarding cancellation

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call +46 73 058 29 29.