Immersion at Urban OM

The pancha koshas: 5 sheaths of existence
– a map of the mystery of being alive!

koshas-expainedAncient yogic sciptures describe the human body-mind complex to be made up of 5 (pancha) sheaths of existence (koshas) that move from the physical periphery to the core of the Self, our embodied soul. They are the physical, vital, mental, higher intellectual & spiritual bliss sheaths.

Each sheath is made of increasingly finer grades of energy, sometimes described as layers of consciousness or aspects of our personality. They become tangible in our yogic practice once we know how to direct our attention. If you want to live a healthy and harmonious life, all the sheaths need to be in balance.

In this immersion we will use breath centered asana, pranayama, guided introspective meditation and mantra to experiece each kosha and their interconnectedness.

Welcome to navigate through your yoga practice with the pancha koshas as a map of the mystery of being alive.

HOW MUCH: 600 kr for non members / 400 kr for Urban OM Basic Members / Free for Urban OM Full on members

WHEN: 13:00 – 16:00 5 March 2017

WHERE: Urban Om, Wallingatan 20, Stockholm