FACULTY Sarasvati module

Sharada Devi, Parvati (Petra) Devi, Nathalie Sommer & Disa Mineur will teach and share their wisdom and knowledge.

About Sharada

Sharada is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition for many years. She is originally from Switzerland – Philippines, living in Ubud, Bali since 10 years in a spiritual community. During summers she travels to Europe holding retreats and sacred gatherings.  

Sharada has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda since 2010. Her teachers have blessed her to pass on the teachings and the beautiful devotional practices that help one to grow and find permanent happiness and security.

Her devotion shines through in all she offers, especially in mantra chanting, rituals and during women’s circles. Her background in Odissi Dance, which is a temple dance, has helped her own discovery of the sacred feminine profoundly. Sharada supports, holds and leads Women’s Circles and Trainings with all her heart, as they have been essential in her own emotional and spiritual growth.

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About Parvati

Parvati is an IAYT-certified yoga therapist and physiotherapist working mainly with women. She shares the full palette of yogic practices: asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra as well qigong in an integrated approach adapted for women. She is also a devoted student of vedanta in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

During the Sarasvati module she offers Sacred Feminine yoga practices that supports our bodies to be strong, safe and comfortable to live in. Listening to the phases of our feminine home, we honor and heal rather than discipline and override our sensitive emotional and physiological shifts.

About Nathalie

I’m Nathalie Sommer and I’m a Relationship and Intimacy Coach. I work with singles and couples to create healthy and intimate relationships so you can feel confident and empowered in and out of bed. I’m here to help you get the very best out of your relationship and experience deeper levels of love, acceptance, communication and connection with yourself and others. Each woman has a different path of love, from where she comes from, to who she is blossoming into. It is in this circle you can safely explore and heal, learn and share to grow and deepen into a more sensual and confident lover while taking away practices for opening to more pleasure, connection and intimacy.

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About Disa

Greetings Beautiful Sister! My greatest wish is to be of service to womankind. I am here to offer my gifts and to share the knowledge of Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy with you, so that we as humans can thrive in these beautiful temples, our bodies. I work with women in groups, teaching them about the nectars of our precious yoni, that tell us about our fertile windows and about how our lives affect our hormonal balance and vice versa. We honor the blood mysteries and sacred sexuality. My greatest joy is to see women take charge of their fertility, their sexuality and reclaim their body as their friend and consort. We connect to the Wisdom of the Womb and start to experience her greatness and her gifts. 

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