A Women’s Circle Facilitator Course & Education on the Sacred Feminine

August 9th to 17th, 2019 | Charlottendals Gård, Järna, Sweden

14 500 SEK total

We have put this Women’s circle facilitator training together to create a safe space to be, to heal and to learn. You will get all the tools and confidence to embody the sacred feminine and be an inspiration for others In the spirit of woman and sisterhood.

In this step we learn all the essentials of how to hold and lead a Women’s Circle. We see how our commitment to our own emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth is essential in order to lead other women in their journey.

Together we will discover the meaning of the sacred feminine as Devi Sarasvati according to Vedic Teachings and learn a 5 Step Puja to offer our gratitude for all that is.

Throughout the training we will be guided through Sacred Feminine Yoga classes as well as will we learn about our sacred cycles, our erotic blue print, embracing our sexual nature with acceptance, fun and love. 


Module Sarasvati is dedicated to her, the Goddess of Knowledge & Sacred Arts.

We are a conscious being that wants love, wants nourishment, wants freedom from rivalry, jealousy, competition, the sense of unworthiness. We want to be free from pain and as long as we focus on the differences we will be in pain. The solution is to focus on the truth, that you and I are from one and the same source, love. That means you and I are in reality one and the same being. A being that is in its essence loving and caring, filled with jewels and magic. We discover that the source of love, security and happiness we seek in life, is myself and that I have all the ingredients that are required in order to live a fulfilling and content life.What “giving” and “receiving” REALLY are and why knowing the difference is crucial deeper, freer and easier on you.

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